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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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by going around an agent. hartman through the devices screening for weapons and explosives and tried to board an alaska airline flight whenever she was stopped and turned away. sources say hartman didn't go far. sneaking around a family to get past a southwest gate agent and on the lane. >> this is urgent. she was harmless, next time we may not be so lucky. >> eric is concerned no one sounded the alarm when hartman tried to board. hartman has been arrested other times. >> you would hope that somebody who's known, has a prior record of trying to get on a plane, somebody so determined would be apprehended early in the process, not after she's taken
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the flight. >> the tsa said in part: . a former fbi agent said there could be a silver lining. >> as long as no one is hurt or destruction of property, it usually raises awareness and we have to address the protocol and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the congressman called it's a training and awareness problem. he doesn't think fixing it should require more people. she was ordered to stay away from l.a.x. and go years probation. more details, there was not security breach at san jose airport. in april a teen snuck on a
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tarmac and stowed away in the wheel way of a jetliner. he spent two weeks in a hospital in hawaii before thrown back to california. the jay-z and beyonce concert led to complaints saying it was way too loud. taff i'd steve -- david stephenson said their walls were shaking for three hours. >> i'm in san francisco, the concert at at&t park a couple miles away ran from 8:30 to 11:00 p.m. giving neighbors a show they weren't ready for. tuesday's concert rang out far beyond at&t park giving many a show they didn't want. >> there was no es caping it.
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particularly the base tone. >> music booking agent lives in par torero hill, he said the volumn was too loud. >> you're in your house, where do you go, it late. you can't escape sound. we're prisoners of this concert. >> residents weighed in all night with complaints of walls and windows shaking. emergency management fielded 92 complaints. >> you were low down, you got base, you were hearing thumping. it was all over the place. >> at&t park said we apologize to our neighbors who experienced high sound levels. we worked through the night to make adjustments to remedy this. >> the last thing this pad was the rolling stones. that 2005 concert prompted a
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hearing on noise levels at at&t park. online and on the street some told us they took the show in stride. >> for me it was fun. everybody was outside in the yard,. >> it's unclear what the decibel level was, that will be measured in neighborhoods around the city tonight. we'll have that coming up for you at 6:00. >> it wasn't just the noise that was a problem. some leaving the concert was met with a surprise. police say nine cars were broken into at the parking lot at 4th and branson. one person said the window was broken and someone rifled through the inside. >> we asked the ascend ant -- attendant, we requested if there was attempt attribute --
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attendant. he said no but there's video. >> you can see a person wearing a hoodie shining a flashlight into the cars. a nationwide alert for a homicide suspect who may be holding his former girlfriend. barajas carried out a drive-by shooting that killed 18-year- old. investigators consider him armed and dangerous. they believe flores may be a hostage. san leandro police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a young girl in a public restroom. several people called in to report they recognized the man. on saturday afternoon a young girl reported being sexually assaulted in the public restroom in a apartment complex. they are trying to match the
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death with the features on the suspect. fingerprints helped match a person at the hayward and san leandro and bay fair bus stations. del toro was arrested for auto burglary. bart credits the fingerprint identification to an outside forensic lab. friends of an iraq war veteran shot in antioch is asking for help. they want emotional support. what they are hoping to the in the room at his hospital. >> local veterans group is asking forget well cards and letters from kids. the goal the use them to
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decorate brandon's hospital room and help him on his long road to recovery. >> this is video of brandon two years ago when the military warriors support gave him a new home in antioch. >> when i got the call it was happening. i started crying on the phone. i couldn't believe it. >> now his friends are rallying the community's support. this time the cause is somber. he's recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> he come home thinking he's safe, he's walking to his house and gets shot. how would you imagine that. >> the young father survived three tours of duty in air:00 -- iraq. he was walking back from the store, he yelled at a speeding car to slow down. apparently they opened fire on
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him. josie monahan founded the center. she created a facebook support and account for donations at the mechanics bank in pittsburgh. the idea came from her family experience. monahan's son is a veteran. >> they love letters from home. >> similar acts of kindness, even from strange evers would help. >> i love the community and kids, families to write letters. write encouraging words, if your mind, body and spirit are well you will heal better. >> she's been in touch with his family. he's gone through several surgeries, he's still in intensive care, any financial or emotional support will help go through what will be a month long recovery process.
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to you in developments in the trial of a teacher in concord accused of molesting teacheres. the jury began deliberations. he's accused of inappropriately touching male students. he said it was meant to calm students down. the jury must and unanimous to convict him. if convicted of all counts he could face 1700 years in prison. today the oakland-alameda county authority finalized a lisa agreement to keep the a's in oakland. the vote came after a year of debate and talk of the a's moving to fremont or san jose. the agreement has an opt out clause for 2018. lou wolf said it likely the a's will stay in oakland. the team has begun talk with an
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architect about building an baseball only stadium on the site. >> we have to have a new venue. that's what we're trying to do. whenever we can implement the venue in this deal is one that gives us more time to negotiate a new stadium in oakland. we're very happy. >> this new lease deal includes a $10 million scoreboard that will be installed by next season. on line security after a massive data breach that left information in the hands of russian hackers. why a user name and password does not keep us safe any more. >> it boils down to 1 question, is the current cybersecurity system so badly broken that the public will stop trusting it.
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the theft by russian criminals makes the target massive data theft puny. >> there's a massive erosion of consumers. >> this breach shows that the 30-year-old user name and password system is broken. >> we cannot sustain this level of security. >> these are viruses and they are being discovered at the rate of 200 every minute. all designed to steal your information or make you less secure online. >> every day bad guys are trying to usurp security systems. we're trying to prevent that. >> the san francisco based electronic foundation protecting privacy and civil rights in the coverage tall world, won summers must protect
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themselves. >> there's password safes, allow you to generate a difficulty password for each service. remember the one password that unlocks the safe. >> security firms know they can and will do better. >> i expect there will be a massive invasions coming over the course of 6 to 12 months that will redefine the notion of names passwords. >> this soon to come to generation of systems will censure your presence and a host of cross-checks to set the bad guys back instead of the cat-and-mouse game where the consumers lose. >> police tracking you driving around town and with your family. >> the most striking image was me and my children getting out of the car. concerns over license plate
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readers iss. >> temperature jump by 20 degrees. a crash into a car dealership. out of control cars has become a game. >> you hear the skid marks and stand up and see them twirling around. bulldog: you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself. get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. not to labor the point, but this sale won't last long. ♪ mattress discounters
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. new video from soma west skate park in san francisco showing a skateboarder going over a 5-foot fence and rolls into a car. in the fall they will raise the fence by two felt and make the top curbed. we've reported neighbors have complained about noise and people using the park after hours. in concord a driver gets
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off 680 flew off the road and into a car dealership. that driver is under arrest. employees at the dealership say they are not surprised by -- surprised by what happened. >> a blairing horn pierced the silence in continue considered -- concord. the driver 24-year-old from oakland drove his honda off the burnett off-ramp. >> looks like he got air right here, this is like a ramp. >> and smashed into two cars. >> he goes airborne over the kitch. goes -- ditch and collides with two new vehicles. >> officers arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> he was in jail today. >> i don't know if it was obvious or if he admitted to
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drinking, he was placed under arrest for dui. >> workers at the dealership said this is not the first car that wound up on their lot. >> this is the third one i know they came through the fence and landed on cars. this is nothing compared to some of the cars we've had smashed. >> accidents are so common, counting how many cars went out of control became a game. >> i've had 14 spin offs i tracked. it was a big deal to laugh, you would hear the swashings and stand up and see them twirling around. >> not all the spin outs caused damage like this. workers tell me things are better since caltrans put up the signs letting people know about the turn and roughed up the p. to improve, p. to
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improve traction. two people have died from west nile virus. fogging is scheduled tonight and tomorrow night in keyis and -- davis and woodland. people in hawaii are ready for two major storms set to hit the islands this week. shoppers flooded home depot and costco to stock up on supplies. hurricane julio will hit later this week. many hotels are waiving fees for people who want to postpone their travel fees. >> they are not expected to be
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major hurricanes but they are category 1. my sister said people are waiting in line for half hour for gas. you can see the satellite perspective of the hurricane approaching hawaii. category 1 hurricane azell. julio with wins at 45 miles an hour. hurricane warnings posted for the big island with azell. and hyl clowe is shifting north -- julio shirting north. by tomorrow night the category 1 approaching. this will be city significant rain and wind producer with winds 82 miles an hour. our main headline. we warmed up. compare the numbers from yesterday. 60s, 70s to 80 degrees. santa rosa 69 on tuesday to 85
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for today. warmer weather pattern will stick around. the hour activity to the south -- shower activity to the south and the east. we warmed up, 80s toward concord, san francisco 61. and santa rosa 80 degrees. coastal fog, tomorrow fog and this weekend we'll cool off. overnight lows tomorrow morning, to start off thursday morning, fog and drizzle. temperature in the 50s and 60s. the off of all weather pattern, this guy has been producing humid conditions. it is moving out of town. this shower threat is kicking out of the region, another weak system by friday, cooler temperature for friday and saturday and temperature stabilizing into the sunday forecast.
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clouds and drizzle tomorrow morning near the coast and bay, clearing back to the shoreline in the afternoon. patchy fog for the beaches. forecast for tomorrow. san francisco 70 degrees, 90s toward antioch and brentwood. san jose 86 and santa cruz in the upper 70s. a stable pattern this time of the year. cool temperature for the coast and warm temperature inland. pandora strikes an unprecedent deal. it will give your favorite artist information about you. a man stuck between a train and platform. she says her mother got lost and went without food or water for a week. >> how the missing woman was found and why her daughter said there should be a better it is team to look for people.
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the cdc issued a level one alert for the ebola out break. liberia declared a state of emergency saying the outbreak is not slowing down.
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the world health organization said 9932 -- 932 people have died. nigeria is reporting its first death. two u.s. missionaries are being treated with an emergency drug that may be improving their condition. president obama said we don't know enough about the drug but that health officials should consider new treatments. >> it's appropriate to see if there's additional drugs or medical treatments that can improve the survivability of a deadly and obviously brutal disease. >> the president said that the ebola virus is controllable with enough health care workers and supplies and affected countries need help. in the united states six people have tested negative for ebola. pandora announced a direct
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licensing deal with music artist. it was struck with merlin. another benefit the artist will gain access to pandora data giving them information about dan dora -- pandora users. the san jose sharks will play an outdoor game at levi stadium next season. the sharks and the kings is february 21, 1 of only two outdoor games scheduled for the season. with more than 68,000 seats the event could set a new attendance record for hockey in california. ticket goes on sale tomorrow, the general public will get a chance to buy seats in the fall. police say a blind driver hit and killed a well-known
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professor out for his deadly walk. why that driver could be facing a harsher punishment. how healthy drinks are. the report that said drink companies are making misleading claims. license plate read overs could be tracking your car's every move. major privacy concerns about who is watching you. this tillamookmook old fashd vanilla ice cream is absolutely amazing. creammmmmy. it makes my tongue dance. me too. hey you two, stop that tillamook tongue dancing and get back to work! tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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. a well-known professor hit and killed, there's a more serious charge for the driver, that driver was legally blind. it's a case we reported last week. now the alameda district attorney is increasing the charges to fell be ony -- felony. it means the suspect could be behind bars for six times as long. this is where it happened in april, now the d.a. says the facts of the case merits a felony charge. >> sacramento and bancroft and berkeley is a busy residential
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intersection. joe luft was out for his walk. heading home, he was crossing sacramento seat in the crosswalk on bancroft. >> the driver didn't brake, there's no information that he applied the brakes. went into the crosswalk and struck and killed the yeah. >> rob effort, of course gentleman. robert gilchrist listened as his charges were changed to a felony. >> alameda district attorney said there's too many aggravating factors for it to remain a p.m. >> , of course misdemeanor. there was half eaten food in the car, it's unclear if he was driving with impaired vision and eating. >> our inquiry prompted our
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office to look at the case. >> when the press speaks to us, we listen closely. your eyes and ears are keen as i hope law enforcement and my office are. >> for robert gilchrist that will mean more time behind bars. for a p.m. misdemeanor it will be one year. for this it's up to 6 years in prison. >> live in berkeley. ktcu -- ktvu. >> the man on this surveillance video using a rock to break into a home has now been arrested and booked into santa clara county jail. police took david into custody in walnut creek last night. he had outstanding warrants for
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burglary and possession of stolen property. a person driving to work spotted a fire at a senior living complex in san jose. firefighters arrived, the flames were on the roof of the administration building. we spoke to the man who spotted the flames on his way to work. >> it was smoke, i thought it was far away. it was in the middle. i went in and called. >> there were no injuries reported. no one was evacuated. the fire started in the attic. a neighborhood is cracking down on crime. maintenance and safety ambassadors are walking the streets of oakland jack london neighbor hide. it is changing the area. >> you will see a lot of people wearing these uniforms. they are here to clean up the
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neighborhood and employ a service. >> safety escorts between any two destinations. they interact with people. >> the ambassador program came here two months ago. they patrol from sixth street to the water and brush to fallon street. the purpose is to beautiful jack london and make people feel safe. it is run by jack london improvement. their hours are 6:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night. crews have picked up 34,000 pounds of trash. clean up graffiti stickers and interacted with thousands of people. they are working to improve the 880 underpass and engage with the homeless. just by them being in the area it deters break ins.
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>> folks tend to get dropped off and case cars. ambassadors notice that behavior and roll by. >> you can request a safety escort from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day of the week. when it rains they will have umbrellas. energy drinks and flavors waters may be healthy but they are just as sugary. improving immunities or boosting energy. the drinks have a lot of sugar and calories which can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. >> science shows that our kids shouldn't drink all the liquid sugar area -- the report says the typical energy drink
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exceeds the daily amount of caffeine. that can cause headaches and anxiety. authorities have lifted evacuation orders in the path of a wildfire. crews have built a protective land around the wildfire 6 miles from bernie, higher humidity and lower temperature helped crews get a hand on the eyler fire. it is 35% contained. evacuation orders for the bald fire were lifted. that fire has burned 40,000- acres and 70% contained. bay area police departments are using license plate readers to keep track of your car's movements. >> it's a tool the police can use the roll back time and figure out where you have been.
5:37 pm
>> what happens to all that information and why some agencies won't share what they know about you. summer plans stopped in their tracks. the impact on popular spots. >> stuck in a tight spot. the group effort to free a man trapped between a train and platform.
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. this is remarkable -- commuters in period australia help rescue a man whose leg got stuck between the train and the platform. after several attempts they lined up against the car and the train moved just enough to free the leg. he ended up catching a later train. burglars broke into the pro shop twice today. several people broke into the shop 4:00 a.m., stole items and just before 6:00 a.m. they used a truck to drive into and smash the front window of the shop. the truck belonging to the city of oakland was stolen as well. this is not the first time this has happened. it's the second time in a year they had to repair the glass.
5:41 pm
police have arrested four teenagers accused in a hit and run that left a woman injured. the one young man and three young women tried to steal the victim's cell phone early saturday morning. at one point the driver of the car kylea bell-bernard drove along the victim and the other reached out and grabbed the victim's phone, pulling it and the woman's arm into the car. the victim fell and they ran over the woman's arm. three are smiling, even though they are facing a series of serious charges. target the supporting same- sex marriage. they back marriage equality. target believes the employees and customers deserve to be treated equally. different laws make it
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difficult to attract and maintain talent. law enforcement may be watching you. >> one in front of my friend's house. one in front of the coffee shop. most of the ma'ams are -- images are my car parked near my house. >> major privacy concerns about bay area police watching your car. where all that information is going and why some agencies want it secret. a flash flood nearly swept away a car with a couple up side. the system we're tracking is moving out town. we could have drizzle tomorrow morning. how long the humidity i'd conditions last and the change over the next couple days. bulldog: if you're like me,
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. while your keeping your eyes on the road, the police may be keeping their eyes on you. license plate recognition is not new but does it violate your privacy. how long the data is kept and why many police departments don't want to turn it over to you. live in san francisco to explain how it works. >> san francisco police tell me that 24 patrol cars have license plate recognition cameras. that varies.
5:46 pm
the cameras can scan up to 60 plates per second. pictures of you on the road, places you visit and people you know. captain brooks has just spotted what appears to be a stolen vehicle. cameras mounted on his car read the license plates of every vehicle he passes. the often -- software accesses a data base. he knows this is reportedly stolen. what about the thinks that are not associated with criminals. >> i saw that car, that's interesting. i wonder if it has pictures of my car. >> make requested his records from san leandro p.d. he has pictures of his car once a week for two years. >> once in front of my friend's house.
5:47 pm
one in front of the libere. >> the most striking was me and my children getting out of the car in my driveway. >> it's a disturbing tool to figure out where you've been. >> the license plate information we gather is only looked at for an investigation. we're not researching their information unless it's tied in with a crime. >> they store the information for three years, forget getting yours. the department will not release records to drivers about where they have been spotted. >> the lawrence -- law enforcement cannot say it's meaningless and not turn it over. >> three agencies turned of his data, the rest did not. four agencies said the data was havingive -- investigative material. >> i have broken no laws, i
5:48 pm
have no criminal record. >> our system of criminal justice is you are innocent until prove especially guilty -- proven guilty. >> the result could set a precedent if you have a right to see the data the law enforcement collect on where you have been. >> not every city or county has the cameras. some will turn over the percentage data and others will not. one more thing. there's a lot of variation in terms of how long law enforcement keep the pictures on file. in concord for six months. san francisco for a year and antioch for three years. >> if you have a story you want
5:49 pm
us to investigate we want to hear from you. e-mail go investigates at one another muggy day in the bay area. not as bad as earlier. >> this one system that's been sticking around, producing the shower threat in the bay area and the tropical looking clouds as well. that system is moving out of town and our conditions will change. temperature from this afternoon, they warmed up over yesterday. 65 in pacifica. look at the lower 90s. livermore, antioch. right now, live storm tracker two, there's the live doppler sweep. in terms of shower activity out to the east, out toward the southern sierra. showing you more numbers.
5:50 pm
shows low -- san jose lower 80s. for tonight, partly cloudy skies, coastal fog, regrouping. here's the live camera looking out from the way. there's the bay bridge for reference, patchy fog sneaking back into the picture. warm to hot inland. we'll trim back on the readings from saturday to sunday. overnight lows, tomorrow morning. lots of 60s, coolest spots in the 50s and fog near the coast and near the bay and drizzle. possibly enough to trigger the windshield wipers. the weather system is moving south. we'll see a change in the humid pattern. a bit of humidity for thursday. improving conditions that will develop, and a typical pattern. it will send temperature down from beginning friday to
5:51 pm
saturday. harps the forecast model, once again drizzle out there, near the golden gate bridge, the bay, closer to the bay bridge. near the shoreline, patchy overcast for the beaches. the numbers to the upper 80s and lower 90s. a big temperature range. in the forecast for tomorrow. santa rosa 89. more 90s toward walnut creek. oakland in the upper 70s. san jose 86. santa clara 84. here is a look ahead, the five- day forecast with the weekend in view. a little bit of a drop off by friday the cooling will continue into the weekend. a mother survived cancer twice, only to die from eating tainted food. the criminal charges executives
5:52 pm
are facing. her mother was found safe after he got lost and went missing for a week. this daughter's efforts helped bring her mother home. controversy in a bay area school district. over a school book is it too sexy.
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. look out, get out! amateur video caught a tearing rescue on -- daring rescue. three airmen rushed in to save an elderly couple whose car was stuck in the mud before being swept away. after getting the couple to safety an airman had to pull his colleague from the river. no one was seriously hurt. the trial of three people linked to peanut butter. one of the people who died was a 72-year-old whom, woman who survived cancer twice. >> to die from eating peanut butter at a company it appears knew it was contaminated makes it, it makes you angry. >> the former owners and quality manager of the peanut
5:56 pm
corporation of america are facing charges though knew they were shipping takenned peanut butter -- tainted peanut butter. >> companies like pca would be required to take steps to prevent contaminated like what we saw in 2008 and 2009. >> the defendants face a 76 count indictment. the outbreak sickened 700 people and may have contributed to 9 deaths. they shut down the showers and brought in portable toil its but they have not conserved enough water. portola redwood state park. >> the coach familiar -- koch
5:57 pm
family expected seven nights but they got bad news. >> did you know the park is closing tomorrow. >> there is not enough water to keep the campgrounds open. >> this is peters creek, this is where we draw the water for the park. as you can see due to the drought, the creek level has decreasing is dantley. >> the creek level -- decreased, significantly. >> most people understand that the drought is very serious, it beginning to impact a lot of levels of the state. >> the impact can be felt statewide. hearst castle is substituting portapotties for plush toilets.
5:58 pm
the bathrooms are locked. spigots turned off. >> it's unfortunate that didn't know they would be restricted. we don't get a park, but it petter -- better for nature to not have us up in it. >> campers are offered a refund or a spot at another park. the park will be opened for day hikers. there's some accommodations remember to bring your own water, since there's none available here. a woman with dimensionia missing for seven days was found safe. >> the changes her daughter say need to be made to find at risk adults sooner. >> changes made at san jose international airport after a
5:59 pm
woman without a ticket got on to a flight. the series of security flaws that made it possible. >> high school freshmen are taught about condoms. what else are they going to learn. the new sex ode ed textbook. good evening. tonight two investigates retraces the steps of a 62-year- old woman who got around airport security in san jose and the three misses opportunities to stop her. we told you about the arrest of marilyn hartman after she got on a plane to l.a.x. show appeared in a courtroom pleating no contest.
6:00 pm
she's not a threat she has snuck on planes before. >> sources tell ktvu marilyn hartman had to try more than one airline. but nobody sounded the alarm. hartman managed to get through the maze leading up to the first security checkpoint by going around a tsa agent. after she wept through the screening equipment that checks for weapons she was turned away at one gate. when she tried to get on an alaska airline flight. it was then she slipped on the southwest flight in the same terminal, sneaking through with the family. an airport spokesperson said that was not a security breach, but eric disagreed. >> because this


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